Forklift production
Custom line

OMG has been working for over 40 years in the manufacture and sale of electric forklifts for the movement of every type of goods.

An international reference point on the forklifts for special applications, market, OMG dedicates constant attention to the specific needs of each of its clients, selecting quality partners and availing of highly qualified staff know-how.

A custom made forkliftguarantees better productivity, enhanced performance and, most importantly, increases the level of safety in the workplace. This is why special products are of central importance to OMG in structuring the offer and training its sales collaborators.

The sales network (direct dealers and highly specialist dealers at national and international level) can analyse each specific need, offering the best technical solution.

A determining factor in this is the design office's support which, with its expertise, assists forklift production in the Italian plants in Gonzaga and Palidano di Gonzaga (Mantova).
In its years in business, OMG can in fact boast the manufacture of forklifts for daily movement of special loads in a vast range of goods sectors (automotive, textile, engineering, paper, iron and steel, metal working, agriculture, foodstuff industries,...).

Forklifts meeting specific needs came about through OMG's collaboration with dealers and user clients, passing through careful analysis of each working condition, by conducting inspections and checks in the use locations: the clients' logistical, production and safety requirements can therefore be understood and met as appropriately as possible.
The capillary network of international dealers allow us to also support the client in the subsequent installation and after sales phases.

In 2015, OMG was purchased by Caloni Trasporti, a leading company in national and international logistics and ransport of goods by road since 1939. Caloni Trasporti currently moves over 5 million packages each year, guaranteeing a safe, flexible and efficient service, reaching 58 destinations in Europe and offering highly qualified support wherever you may be.

OMG's arrival in Caloni Trasporti marked the foundation of a highly structured and competent group offering various services, capable of meeting specific requirements with tailor made and high performance solutions.

This is the key to entrepreneurial success that precisely focuses on internationalisation.

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