Let's discover with OMG, a company specialized for over 50 years in the production of special machines,the handling of reels and coils sector.

Coils represent one of the most common handling requests but they do not find a solution in the standard product. They actually require customized applications, studied ad hoc in relation to the real needs of the end user.OMG knows this very well and has been making special equipment for this niche market for several years, answering promptly and effectively to the various needs of the customer.

There are several factors that affect the study and implementation of these models of equipment. Among these we can certainly mention the different types of reels and the variability related to the required movement.

320KN portabobineLet’s start from this last aspect. The types of movement can essentially be traced back to the necessity of a simple transport, to the need of placing the object at a certain height or handling the reel itself. If, on the one hand, for the simple transport, it will be enough to choose an equipment that does not damage the coil during handling, on the other hand is the case in which a vertical displacement of the object or a manipulation of it is required. In these situations, particular attention must be paid to ensuring, on the one hand the stability and the non-deformability of the mast of the truck, in relation to the weight of the loads, on the other the capacity of the equipment itself to adapt to the work environment and type of intended use, as for the case of lateral movements of the load.

It is therefore immediately evident that the choice of a manufacturer that not only realizes but also immediately understands what the customer wants to do with the equipment is an essential aspect for this type of sector.

A simple displacement, for example, requires a totally different truck compared to another that has to place the coil inside a machine. Not to mention the environmental elements that affect transport. Narrow spaces, for example, which could lead to having to move the reel not stretched but vertically.

And it is precisely the characteristics of the reel that are the main discriminating factor in the selection and manufacture of the equipment: different materials ranging from steel to paper, up to fabrics, with very varied dimensions and/or weight, require a very accurate design phase. The very nature of the load will often lead to having to go for unconventional handling solutions. A 775BLK portabobinecoil, for example, of very delicate material, cannot be manipulated on the sides because of its natural deformation. It will have, instead, to be moved through spurs or booms, single-sided cylindrical tools that will allow the load to be moved through its central hole.

It is therefore easy to understand how only a perfect knowledge of the type of coil and the application that the customer intends to make of the machine can lead the project, both from a technical and economic point of view, in the right direction. In this OMG has proven over time to be an ideal partner, providing the end user a wide range of equipment, customized every time on request. We start, for simple movements, from low lift trucks models equipped with a cradle, prismatic forks or folding sides, depending on the need to handle rolls with a variable diameter range. If, on the other hand, there is the need to lift the load and manipulate it, OMG designs stackers equipped with specific attachments, such as pliers or spurs that guarantee the possibility of gripping the load, from the ground, from pallets or from machinery, also allowing a rotation of the same from horizontal to vertical position. All solutions that can be adapted to coils of each material and size, answering to different handling needs.

With the achievement of the OHSAS 18001 certification, OMG confirms its attention to Health and Safety of its workers.

OMG has always been careful, in carrying out its production activities, to ensure the respect of the business procedures and the improvement of the conditions of the work environment and consequently reducing the risks and dangers to which its employees are exposed.

As an evidence of this clear and undeniable commitment, OMG has successfully overcome the surveillance visit from ESQ CERT, a certification company, part of ESYD, for the certification of management systems according to the OHSAS 18001 standard. A result that is the consequence of a consistent improvement of the company and its constant commitment, which led to the compliance with deadlines and legal obligations.

The importance of obtaining this certification has also recently been confirmed by a survey conducted by the Accredia observatory in collaboration with Inail and Aicq, which reports OHSAS 18001 management system among the tools of excellence to ensure the reduction of risk and dangers where workers can incur. Indeed, the survey highlights how the transition to a certified system reduces accidents by 16%, which are less severe than those that occur in companies without certification.

With the achievement of OHSAS 18001, OMG provides continuity to a management system certification that has led the company to also comply with the UNI EN ISO 9001 (Quality management systems) and UNI EN ISO 14001 standards (Systems environmental management).


OMG celebrates 50 years of activity with a new logo and event: ambition and passion at the base of a successful history.

Gonzaga (MN) 3 April 2018 – Looking at it today, one would not say, but fifty years have passed since OMG started its activity in the forklift sector. We are at the end of the sixties, moment in which passion, courage and ambition allow to give life to a company that immediately reveals its distinctive and revolutionary character, which will be decisive in the path of growth and adaptation to the innumerable metamorphosis of the sector.

The sensitivity and the ability to understand the changes in the market, soon lead OMG to move away from the typical production strategies of big companies and to undertake alternative development paths that will allow OMG to become a global player in the sector of special machines.

With the same passion, courage and ambition of fifty years ago, OMG continues to pursue its aims of positioning in niche markets: the relaunch, at the end of 2017, of the historic FIORA brand with the creation of the new brand FIORA|OMG Sideloaders maker is a concrete example of this strategy.

Today OMG is 50 years old and for the occasion, gives itself a new logo.

This Logo will accompany OMG until next year, when a great event will take place to share with all of you the goals achieved and future challenges.


OMG takes advantage of the summer closing to wish you happy holidays and to introduce you the 716 BD ac & 720 BD ac models, our new bi-directional stackers, ideal for long and bulky loads handling.

Neos II TRI ac

Order picking stacker truck, ideal for transporting and lifting loads on small aisles, until 1.500mm minimum width.

A journey into the emotions that only art can bestow: as a painter makes his works alive, thanks to his talent, so OMG and Caloni Trasporti work out the market and create customized, innovative and concrete solutions for the integrated logistics world.

Neos II 22t Platform

A special machine with transport function (platform), manufactured by OMG to meet the needs of the customer.

OMG Side Loader LAT 20 - 25 - 30 - 35

The economical, simple and efficient side loader truck, ideal for long, bulky and palletised loads.

OMG Tow Tractor Neos 45t

A special machine with transport function (Tow Tractor), manufactured by OMG to meet the needs of the customer.

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