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OMG produces and sells electric forklifts for the movement of all types of goods.
In business for over 40 years, OMG has always dedicated particular attention to each client's specific requirements, selecting quality partners and availing of the know-how of highly qualified staff.
The range of OMG products currently extends to numerous standard and specialist products, for every type of application.


All products


125 S-T/LT
Portata 2.5 t

120 T/B
Portata 2.0 t
Note con sistema di pesatura

110 S-HL
Portata 1.0 t
Note con sollevamento elettrico

313 KN ac
Portata 1.3 t

316 KN ac
Portata 1.6 t

320 KN ac - 320 KN-P ac
Portata 2.0 t
Note disponibile con pedana porta operatore

330 K
Portata 3.0 t

330 BE
Portata 3.0 t

316 KN-M ac
Portata colonna 0.8 t
Sollevamento 550 mm
Portata traspallet 1.6 t

316 KN-C ac
Portata colonna 1.0 t
Sollevamento 1400 mm
Portata traspallet 1.6 t

320 P5 ac – 325 P5 ac
Portata 2.0 t - 2.5 t

Virtus 30 R ac
Portata 3.0 t

Virtus 20 RX ac
Portata 2.0 t

Virtus 20 RX-C ac
Portata 2.0 t
Montante h3 1.400 mm DX

Logos Light
Portata 1.0 t
Sollevamento da 1.565 a 2.815 mm

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