316 KN ac The OMG electronic low lift walk behind pallet trucks 316 KN ac can meet even the most diverse requi.. Product #: 316 KN ac 2 - 3 Days

Application Industrial

Electric pallet truck with low lift walk behind

316 KN ac


Product Code 316 KN ac
Capacity 1.6 t


The OMG electronic low lift walk behind pallet trucks 316 KN ac can meet even the most diverse requirements with respect to loads handling on horizontal paths and inside warehouses or for loading and unloading lorries and trailers. This is why the OMG pallet trucks have been designed and constructed to guarantee sturdiness, power and manoeuvrability in small spaces.


Made of bent sheet metal to minimise any tensions induced by welds, ensuring maximum mechanical resistance over time. The battery compartment can be easily opened by lifting the cover, simplifying the daily and periodical battery recharge and check operations. Particular attention has been paid to provide easy access to wear parts, minimising therefore the routine maintenance costs. The forks are made of high strength steel. The frame has been painted using cutting edge equipment.

Electronic system

The entire range of OMG low lift pallet trucks is equipped with ac electronic devices that can operate in high temperature conditions, without any truck stops. The controls are equipped with anti roll-back devices which control and check all machine functions and allow unlimited adjustments for performance optimisation, adapting the truck to the operation to be carried out. All electric drive and braking parameters can be set electronically from a control panel, according to customer’s requirements. All models are equipped with timer and battery level indicator with auto-lock function that switches on once 80% of the battery capacity is discharged.


Powerful and reliable three-phase ac traction motors, able to satisfy even the most demanding requests for performance, providing the necessary amount of power every time, as the speed of the truck can be adjusted by changing the position of the throttle.


There are three braking systems in this range:
  • braking by reversing the running direction and releasing the throttle (service braking that can be adjusted from the control panel);
  • emergency braking that takes place automatically if the tiller is suddenly released or lowered (electromagnetic brake);
  • parking brake.


Result of a meticulous ergonomic study that combines operating comfort with modern industrial design. The tiller is fitted with easy to reach controls, ensuring enhanced productivity, precision and efficiency. When released, the tiller returns smoothly to its vertical position thanks to the gas spring fitted with slowdown limit switch.
  • steering head, manufactured in ABS, with a steel core capable of absorbing strong knocks without deforming;
  • fork lifting and descent buttons on both sides;
  • acoustic warning button are in a central position;
  • safety guaranteed by excellent positioning of the crush-prevention device.

Lateral battery extraction (optional)

The high-capacity battery (24V 250Ah, optional) ensures good autonomy and is also available with optional lateral extraction system for quick battery replacement, suitable for intensive use of the machine.

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