Virtus 20 RX-C ac The electronic pallet trucks with semi-seated operator position and with or without transversal stee.. Product #: Virtus 20 RX-C ac 2 - 3 Days

Application Industrial

Electric pallet truck with low lift ride on operator

Virtus 20 RX-C ac


Product Code Virtus 20 RX-C ac
Capacity 2.0 t
Mast h3 1.400 mm DX


The electronic pallet trucks with semi-seated operator position and with or without transversal steering column are ideal for loading and unloading of lorries on/from logistic platforms and for transporting (and stacking) goods over long distances. Thanks to their small size, these trucks are efficient and easy to use even in tight spaces.


Made of bent sheet metal to minimise any tensions induced by welds, ensuring maximum mechanical resistance over time. Standard lateral battery extraction system for readily replacement in case of heavy duty applications and multiple work shifts. Particular attention has been paid to provide easy access to wear parts, minimising therefore the routine maintenance costs.

Electronic system

The Virtus 20 RX-C ac trucks are equipped with ac electronic equipment. These controls check and enable all machine functions and allow unlimited adjustments for performance optimisation, adapting the truck to the operation to be carried out, ensuring silent operation and high performance with low power consumption. All electric drive and braking parameters can be set from a control panel, according to customer’s requirements. Powerful acceleration with quick change of direction. The anti roll-back system turns on automatically when working on slopes, ensuring maximum safety for the operator.


Powerful and reliable three-phase ac traction motors, able to satisfy even the most demanding requests for performance, providing the necessary amount of power every time, as the speed of the truck can be adjusted by changing the position of the throttle.


There are three braking systems in this range:
  • braking by reversing the running direction and releasing the throttle (service braking that can be adjusted from the control panel);
  • emergency braking that takes place automatically if the tiller is suddenly released or lowered (electromagnetic brake);
  • parking brake.

Lateral battery extraction

High-capacity battery (24V 465Ah and 24V 620Ah optional) for long battery life. Easy lock system for battery extraction, ideal for quick replacement when used on multiple work shifts.

Operator’s compartment

The central operator workstation located inside the chassis protects the operator while offering him 360° visibility, preventing any neck pain. The cushioned footrest absorbs any shocks and vibrations for comfortable driving even on irregular floors. All the controls are intuitive and easily accessible. The dashboard shows all machine parameters including the traction speed, battery life and operating hours. The compact size of the new Virtus 20 RX ac (790 mm) renders them ideal for easy loading and unloading from lorries. The steering wheel (small diameter) and the control lever are angled for enhanced ergonomics, reducing operator fatigue and ensuring maximum comfort.

Low step height

Low step height for safe and quick climbing on and off the truck.

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