Neos II TRI ac The Neos II TRI ac order picking stacker trucks are designed for transporting and lifting loads in v.. Product #: Neos II TRI ac 2 - 3 Days

Application Industrial

Forklift with three-sided equipment

Neos II TRI ac


Product Code Neos II TRI ac
Capacity 1.0 t
Lifting up to 8.920 mm


The Neos II TRI ac order picking stacker trucks are designed for transporting and lifting loads in very tight spaces/aisles.


The monobloc construction of the frame ensures maximum stability and enhanced mechanical resistance during stacking and travelling, maintaining high residual capacities even at maximum height. The battery compartment can be easily opened, simplifying the daily and periodical battery recharge and check operations. Standard lateral battery extraction system with rollers for readily battery replacement in case of intensive use during multiple work shifts.

Electronic system

All products in this range come with electronic inverters. These controls check and enable all machine functions and allow unlimited adjustments for performance optimisation, adapting the truck to the operation to be carried out. All hydraulic functions, electric drive and braking parameters can be set electronically from dashboard or remote desktop (directly by OMG), according to customer’s requirements.


Powerful and reliable three-phase ac traction motors, able to satisfy even the most demanding requests for performance, providing the necessary amount of power every time, as the speed of the truck can be adjusted by changing the position of the accelerator pedal.


Independent braking systems available on all the products in this range:
  • regenerative braking by reversing the running direction;
  • regenerative braking by releasing the accelerator pedal;
  • electromagnetic parking brake on the drive wheel;
  • hydraulic braking on load wheels

Operator’s compartment

  • fabric seat adjustable in depth and height;
  • depth adjustable steering wheel;
  • non-slip footrest;
  • LCD display showing the most important operating data:
    • parking brake indicator;
    • warning lights (neutral position, controller and motor overheating);
    • operating hours timer;
    • travel speed display;
    • speed limiter "ON" indicator (tortoise button);
    • various operating modes E/S/H, E=economy S=standard H=super;
    • battery level indicator.


The masts made of cold extruded profiles highly resistant to twisting and bending are available in the following versions:
  • triplex masts with high overall free lift and lift capacities from 7,500 to 9,000 mm and above (on request);

Mono-joystick (optional)

The mono-joystick controls all hydraulic functions of the machine.

Finger tip (standard)

All hydraulic functions can be controlled using proportional finger tips for precise and safe load handling.

Inductive guide system (optional)

The OMG Neos II TRI ac may be equipped with an inductive guide system (wire guide) Using special detectors mounted on the chassis, the unit is safely guided along the entire lane, within a predetermined path. Along with the detectors system, it is available a line driver and one or more magnets for automatic slow down and stop at the end of the aisle.

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