The OMG series with side loaders and reach trucks is an ideal solution to move loads on pallets, long and wide loads. The OMG side loaders are suitable for use in all goods sectors with warehouses equipped with shelving for pallets, and cantilevered. Hydraulic command power steering, adjustable steering wheel, multi-lingual display (Check Control). Proportional joysticks to control machine functions, micro-processor logic on lifting, and wheel drive and movement. Studied to reduce corridors and storage spaces to a minimum since it can move sideways and front-ways thereby recovering up to 45% of the surface of the warehouse. The result of a meticulous ergonomic study, the driver's seat tilted at 45°, allows maximum visibility in all directions. The cabin mounted on silent-blocks ensures maximum comfort, as it absorbs all vibrations.


Optionals available:

  • widened forks support plate
  • special legs length
  • 2 additional forks
  • additional hydraulic tilting forks
  • lateral guide rollers
  • digital lifting display and preselector for 10 levels
  • video camera placed on the forks with colour display in the cabin
  • access keypad with pin code



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LAT 20 - 25 - 30 - 35
Portata da 2.0 a 3.5 t
Sollevamento da 3.160 a 6.660

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